The Moline Commercial Club is the only commercial club in the area and region. A a commercial club, we will provide economic opportunities for our members and affiliated organizations.

Current use and Other Membership Advantages
There are NO assessment dues. In keeping with the original design of the building, both in financial structure and intent, the first floor is retail space. To adjust for modern times, the third floor is public space used for the The Moline Club Ballroom while the 2nd floor is reserved exclusively for The Moline Commercial Club. All dues are to be used to pay the honorarium of invited out-of-town presenters and guests to facilitate an effecient networking system as well as an excellent Commerce library.

Future Plans
During this year, we have begun initiating reciprocity with commercial clubs both nationally and internationally. In the international realm, we will be focusing on Hong Kong, China, India in the east, and Australia as well as two selected countries in Europe.

The River Cities Project
The River Cities: " Where the Mississippi Flows West."
Here we have a geographical phenomenon that is exclusive to our area. The Mississippi River flows West for 43 miles. With the pioneer inroads, the river cities that had been established, remain, each with their own flavor and individual character. Each of the cities work, in their own individual way, and like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, each is vital for the whole picture. Without each piece, the picture will remain incomplete.

Establishing the River Cities, with an umbrella term containing each of the cities in our area and region, COMPLETE with their individual character and flavor, in unification, is a prudent course of action for our growth and expansion.

The term Quad Cities excludes the majority of the River Cities along this western flow in our region. It also excludes any reference to the river around which it was populated.

Those who have seen the attempts at unification under one name failing repeatedly may see the advantages of a broad open-ended name such as The River Cities allowing for city diversity. To specify the generic name, the qualifying phase: "Where The Mississippi Flows West" achieves the purpose of localizing the name to our region. This is specific ONLY to our area. Highlighting the Mississippi and the geographical turn of our area, with unity, has imbedded in it developmental advantages for economic progress including local and federal assistance in addition to visitor interest and tourist dollars.

The term, River Cities "Where the Mississippi Flows West" superimposes, but does not exclude, all the network of our river towns and cities. Business entities that have grown with their name recognition will continue to function as they see appropriate.

Please keep in mind that Unity in Diversity is our special and unusual American strength and an integral part of America. Let us take the mosaic of the All American Patch-work Quilt as an image in our united and quintessential American unity.

It is advantageous to use The Moline Commercial Club, a free-standing and independent entity, as a vehicle for this work.

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