The Moline Commercial Club, founded in 1895, was originally established to promote 'civic, business, and industrial interests' for the city of Moline. Today, in our global economy, the club is emerging as a place for business, civic, and community leaders to socialize and network both locally and internationally.

Located in downtown Moline, the club provides a setting where members can enjoy quick lunches, plan business meetings, or hold formal events.

In addition to its restoration, the club is noted for its well-preserved turn-of-the-century architecture popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Club offers a host of amenities and over 14,000 sqft. of space ideal for planning sessions, board meetings, day retreats, and holiday parties.

According to the Liquor Control Act of 1934, members are permited to bring in their own liquor and beverages for their private use. Of course, no sales are permitted.


We are dedicated to meeting your commerce club needs from the moment you become a member.

To schedule a special event or to become a member, please call the director, Narveen, at 312.498.7207